Orb of Levileur

Kevlar, Darkhan, Aurelia, Fifi, and Elana landed somewhere near a busy town square. Elana asked around and learned that they were in the kingdom of Lorenthal Tirith.

Aurelia mentioned that the place was familiar and remembered that it was where she received her quest to retrieve the missing Ring of Sephilus. She looked around and saw that there was a statue of an unfamiliar royalty. At the base was a plaque that identified the statue as a duke of Lorenthal Tirith named Meetus Alenthar III—-the very same person who sent out the request from two years back. He was also the same duke who betrayed them by taking the cursed ring for himself and plotted to kill the king of the kingdom, his very own brother. The duke was apparently hailed as a hero for having toppled the tyrannical king, which confused the young wizard for she knew that King Zendil Blackedge was kind and benevolent. Not knowing how to explain whatever she knew to her comrades, she pointed at the tavern—a place that she was sure could give them further information. She asked the cleric Kevlar the Protector if he could assist her and the other young mage Fifi to enter the bar (she remembered her fondness for apple cider, while Fifi wanted a butterbeer). Deciding that the two were too young and innocent for the bar scene, the cleric refused the request and motioned them to follow Elana in her efforts to gather substantial information.

Darkhan went ahead and found a dwarf named Mag'khardan who was chugging a glass of ale alone. After sitting down with him for a while, Darkhan learned that Mag'Khardan noticed a party wearing black cloaks at the town square. The two formed an interesting kinship. Darkhan bought him another glass for his help, and Mag'khardan gave him a special stone that they can use to communicate over long distances. 

The cleric went inside the tavern as well and tried to engage the barkeep in a conversation. But the barkeep ignored him when he simply ordered milk.

Fifi and Aurelia headed to the library. Fifi charmed the librarian for recent news (and possibly some discounts for spellbooks). Elana arrived and went to the recent history section of the shop and found an entry about the recent uprising. According to the book, the king became corrupted and was murdered by unidentified figures clad in black… that it was only through the efforts of Meetus Alenthar III that finally brought peace to the kingdom. The book mentioned that Alenthar III had died and it was his nephew who had succeeded the corrupted king.

Darkhan and Kevlar found the three at the library and they all shared what they have learned. But before Aurelia could contest the 'historical' data that Elana learned, another familiar looking character emerged from behind one of the bookshelves. Aurelia thought he looked her master, Cyrus Wolfgreed, but he couldn't have been for he looked older than someone she hasn't seen for the past two years.

The old man, quite possibly an archmage if they were to judge by his outfit, told them: "It is time for you to go to save an old town."

For the second time that day, they felt zapped by a mysterious energy and found themselves back at the nexus. 

The stone that Darkhan received from Mag'khardan glowed and he heard the drawf's voice coming through. "Hello lad, it's been two years. How have you been?"



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