Orb of Levileur

Part I: The Unusual Band of Brothers

You have been tasked to acquire the Orb of Levileur, a sacred artifact known to hold the many secrets of the Elven Sorcerer, Leur'thanis Eirenhald

Your client is the Archmage of Dreambrandt, Rinh'ra (fifth son) Jakkya, who wishes to further study the orb to help cure the blight engulfing the continent of Figglid

The orb is located on the disputed island of Reinwicht's arrow/Corwynn's arrow. This island is still being contested by both Dreambrandt and Corwynn after the great war, so be on your guard.

During the great Dragonsong war, two heroes (Reinwicht and Corwynn) shot an arrow that pierced the great dragon Norsvelgr's heart. The dragonslayer was to be awarded the kingship, and the two argued about which arrow struck true. 

Unfortunately, enemy soldiers are not the only threats in the arrow-shaped land. Savage beasts have been seen roaming the lands. This place also once housed the altar of the Necromancer, Farron Seltifirone, which means more unknown creatures may be roaming the land as we speak. Despite the present perils, however, the Arrow is rich with Dravnill Sap, a rare nectar known to further enhance the effects potions and elixirs, as well as empower and grant magical properties to forged weaponry.  

* The Nexus (necromancer's lair) and the Undead

Part II: The Battle with the Undead Wyrm

After escaping a horde of undead from the towering pyramid, Kevlar, the human cleric, led his party to what he thought was a safer area. Even though some have started to question his leadership skills, the human thief Darkhan, the fighter Braddoc Elohir, the young human wizard Fifi, and the elven ranger Tic still continued to follow him until they heard the familiar and welcoming sound and scent of a campfire.

They found three female adventurers—two elves and a human child—who introduced themselves as Elana the druid, Feliana the traveling bard, and the young human wizard Aurelia. After a brief introduction, they learned that both parties were seeking the glowing Orb of Levileur.


Kevlar's party proposed to work together after having confirmed that the area was rife with danger. The three females, however, were suspicious especially after learning that they were simply looking for the orb to earn gold, while they needed the orb to purify the forests of Raddinir. Feliana further found out the Darkhan already possessed the Orb of Levileur, which caused friction between his own party for this omission of information. Fifi held on to the orb for the meantime, while the group <s>quarreled</s> tried to discuss it.


But before they could even decide if they will take the orb to the village elder of Raddinir or to the Archduke of Dreambrandt, they were attacked by another horde of zombies. Taken unawares, the group took considerable damage from the enemies. But although the two groups were wary of each other, they still provided ample support to whoever needed it and managed survived the wave.


The bleeding and infected adventurers were blessed and purified by the cleric Kevlar. They then agreed to seek the sanctuary of the nexus to discuss their next move. The newly formed team haven't gone very near the entrance when a thick fog suddenly enveloped them and a towering Undead Wyrm descended. There were no avenues for escape and they had no choice but to take arms once again and fight.



None of their attacks on the ground penetrated the mighty wyrm. It only managed to piss off the beast. It prepared to take flight, ready to breathe something toxic to the party that could cause irreparable damage. Elana turned into an eagle and carried the ranger Tic on her back. Tic held the rope that Darkhan provided and use it to loop around the wyrm's legs. The young wizards somewhat tricked the wyrm into thinking it was getting attacked and its agitated movements further resulted into securing additional loops around its legs, but Aurelia took a reprisal. Tic sent his dire wolf Syliana to aid the young wizard to safety. Feliana sang to strengthen Braddoc, who held on to the rope to keep the wyrm tethered to the ground. Using his arrow, Tic tried to aim for the wyrm's vulnerable spots but failed. He lost his balance and was falling fast to the ground. Without thinking twice, Braddoc quickly decided to save his comrade instead. He let go of the rope as he attempted to break Tic's fall. The action resulted in the undead wyrm's erratic movements, while Braddoc and Tic both fell to ground. Tic suffered from grave injuries and broken bones.


After healing some of his wounds from the battle  earlier, Kevlar then used his healing magic against the undead. When it hit, he saw that it caused the hit area to decay and turn into dust. Fifi noticed that there was now an open pathway to the nexus and alerted everyone of this chance. Darkhan, however, also saw an opportunity for a clear shot at defeating the wyrm once and for all. With a well-placed stab, Darkhan hit its vulnerable spot and the wyrm finally perished, taking with it the ever confounding fog.


When the grounds was finally clear, they gathered at the entrance of the nexus. Then they all realized that some of their comrades were missing…



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